Safeguard your greatest asset. Protect against the unexpected.

Your career aspirations are high – with a projected income stream to match. For high-achieving professionals, the most valuable asset in your possession isn’t your house or your investment portfolio. It’s your ability to earn an income.

What if payday were put on hold indefinitely?
How quickly would your lifestyle be at risk? Your home? Your children’s education? Each of these is dependent on timely deposits into your bank account.

Your income is the foundation of your future.
Let’s make it rock solid.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
You’ve purchased homeowner’s insurance to protect against fire or theft. You’ve acquired automobile insurance to hedge against a potential accident. And you’ve got healthcare insurance to cover trips to the doctor and hospital.

How do you pay for all these layers of protection? Your income. Disability Insurance guarantees an ongoing income against the all-too-real potential for a disabling accident or illness. It’s the cornerstone of your carefully constructed life plan.

LisaCo can help keep a disruption from becoming a disaster.

Not Yet Thinking About Disability Insurance?
That’s the perfect time to lock it in!

Purchasing Disability Insurance while you’re young and healthy ensures that you will medically qualify and allows you to secure the lowest possible premium rate. Once the contract is signed, your premium will remain constant for the entire benefit period.

But Your Employer Covers Disability Insurance?

The chances of you changing jobs over your career is almost guaranteed. With individual plans, you’re in control. They travel with you and won’t be reduced, diluted or eliminated because of budget cuts. You don’t have to rely on an ever-shifting benefits landscape.

You may never need Disability Insurance to pay your bills.

However, If you do, nothing cost less and pays more.

Smart professionals invest in peace of mind.

Disability insurance guarantees cash flow

For living expenses as needed, regardless of the economy or market conditions.

Replace Lost Wages

Provides family and/or individual protection when you are sick, hurt or out of work.

Disability insurance can fund retirement savings

Retirement plan contributions often stop when you become disabled.