Disability Income is Paycheck Protection

Protection During Your Pre-Retirement Years

Your future and your income are bound together. Unless you have an inexhaustible trust fund, you depend on regular paychecks. The best course of action is to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Ben Franklin knew a thing or two when he said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Life can change as quickly as an accident takes place or a diagnosis is given.

Top 3 Financial Fears:

#1 Fear:  Dying too Young

#2 Fear:   Living too Long

#3 Fear:  Getting Sick or Injured (loosing independence) along the way

This crippling financial impact can be remedied. Without disability insurance, a single incident can destroy your family’s lifetime of financial security in a few weeks or months. Don’t become the cautionary tale told among your peers for years to come – pre and post retirement.


Top 5 Reasons for Disability Income Protection during your Pre Retirement Years

#5 Reason:    Maintain Your Lifestyle  Your income decreases and your expenses increase when you suffer a debilitating illness or injury. An income protection policy in place will allow you to keep your current lifestyle.

#4 Reason:   Ensure Your Future  The first contribution you stop making when you become disabled is to your 401K. If that happens, forget about a comfortable retirement. You do not need to sacrifice your retirement savings. With disability income insurance, paycheck protection is available and affordable.

#3 Reason:   Secure Your Children’s Success  In the wake of disability, saving for college often falls by the wayside. You can keep your children on the debt-free college track with a disability income policy.

#2 Reason:   Safeguard Your Spouse  If you are the breadwinner of your family, you need to protect your paycheck. If you have disability coverage, you can cover your expenses and prevent your spouse/partner from having to work multiple jobs.

#1 Reason:   Preserve your Confidence  Getting injured is stressful.  Not working is stressful.  Mounting piles of bills are stressful. You can avoid the pain and instill a sense of confidence with a disability income protection policy.


Top 5 Reasons for Long Term Care Protection during your Post Retirement Years

#5 Reason:  A Lot Like a Pension Promise, with NO Income Tax Risk

#4 Reason:  A Lot Like any Appreciable Investment with NO Timing Risk

#3 Reason:  A Lot Like Cash Value Insurance with NO Accumulation Risk

#2 Reason:  A Lot Like Term Insurance with NO Longevity Risk

#1 Reason:  A Lot Like Long Term Care Insurance with NO Pricing Risk

Don’t become a burden to your family, and don’t become a ward of the state. Evaluate your options while you remain vital and your eligibility is best. Now is the time to protect your occupation, your income and your future!

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